Foreign Missions


Highlands Hill first participated in mission efforts to Honduras in 1997 when six members partnered with the North Blvd congregation in Murfreesboro on a trip to Baxter Institute in Tegucigalpa. Since 2004 we have participated each year with the East Brainerd Congregation in Chattanooga on medical and evangelistic mission trips to Catacamas at the Predisan Clinic. The last three years we have also provided financial support to the Predisan Clinic and provided Leon Philpot with the financial assistance to build a house each year for a Honduran family in Catacamas.


Since 2003 we have had five members participate in three different medical/mission trips to Panama. In 2003 we provided a significant one-time contribution toward the expansion of an orphans’ home in Panama City.

Healing Hands International

Representatives from Healing Hands International have visited our congregation on a regular basis to keep us informed of this valuable work. We have made special contributions to them for special needs (i.e. Indonesia Tsunami relief) and have regularly supported their MAGI Box effort.

Magi Project

The Magi Project is one of the projects managed by Healing Hands International that we participate in each year. Compassion and love for needy children is demonstrated by sending them a simple shoebox packed with toys, candy, hygiene supplies, and clothing. These boxes are delivered by Christians to children in poverty stricken countries who may have never received a present. Highland Hills has provided approximately 100 tightly packed boxes each year for several years.